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Post Doctor/Project Scientists

Sunny Karnani, 2012-2014 — Project Scientist of Deep Ocean Power Science Laboratory

John Garman, Staff Scientist, 2007-2013— – ME188 Engineering Design in Industry Instructor, Lab Operations, Engineer at Large


Yu-Chien (Alice) Chien, 2014 — – Electric Field Study Effects on Quenching Flames

Mazdak Kebria (Mohammad Kebria), 2014 — – Coal combustion and char burnout modeling on an entrained flow reactor

Melika Roshandell, 2013 — Combustion of Methane Hydrates

Feng (Jeff) Jiang, 2012 — Mercury Removal from Flue Gas Using the Calera Process

Alireza Mirsepassi, 2012 — Optical Diagnostics and Experimental Fluid Dynamics

Sunny Karnani, 2011 — Effects of electric fields on flames.

Mina Rohani, 2011 — Controlling the Breakup of Capillary Liquid Jets

Nivedan Tiwari, 2011 — Non-Linear Endoscopic Microscopy System for Potential Use in Diagnosing Rheumatoid Arthritis

Soulak Tsolag, 2011 — Analysis and study of the formation and flow of unstable water-and-fuel emulsions and multiphase flows, and developing novel diagnostic techniques for characterizing high-concentration, high-speed emulsion flows

Kyung Man Kim, 2010 — Heterogeneous mercury chemistry in post-combustion region of a coal furnace

Sri Puranam, 2010 — Turbine Burner: Turbulent combustion in a turning and accelerating flow

Peter Therkelsen, 2010 — Small scale homogeneous charge compression ignition IC engines

Neha Gowadia, 2007 — Size-segregated Chemistry in Mainstream Tobacco Smoke (in Environmental Toxicology)

Trinh Pham, 2006 — Fuel Film Combustion in a Miniature Combustor

Mike Papac, 2005 — Electrical Aspects of Gaseous Fuel Flames for Microgravity Combustion and Combustion Control

Matthew Rickard, 2005 — Ion-Driven Wind: Aerodynamics, Performance Limits, and Optimization

Jonathan Posner, 2001 — Resonant and Non-Resonant Holographic Interferometry in Axisymmetric Flames

Ben Strayer, 2001 — The Importance of Actuation Mechanisms in Control of Non-premixed Combustion

Ramon Dimalanta, 1998 — Experimental Investigation of Reduced Vaporization in a Droplet Stream Flame

Chris Buchanan, 1997 — CFD Characterization of a Mechanically Ventilated Office Room: The Effects of Room Design on Ventilation Performance

Corinne Connon, 1997 — Significance of Droplet-Droplet Interactions in Droplet Streams: Atmospheric to Supercritical Conditions (now Corinne Lengsfeld)

John Garman, 1996 — Issues in Laser Diagnostics for Combustion Thermometry: Low Pressure Flames and Spatial Averaging

I-Ping Chung, 1992 — A Study of Aerosol Inhalability into Blunt Samplers and the Human Head

Junyong Zhu, 1991 — Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS) Gas Temperature Measurements in a Monodisperse Combusting Droplet Stream


Soulak Abbilian, 2008 — An Investigation of Self-Induced Combustion Instabilities in a Low-Swirl Burner

Jim Burkle, 1991 — Surface Defect Detection by Laser Light Scattering

Edie Chang, 1993 — Measurement of Sidestream Tobacco Smoke Particle Size Distribution

Carlson Choi, 1996 — Laser Induced Fluorescence in an Acetone Droplet Stream Flame

Tom Co, 2002 — Emission from a Rikje-tube Combustor (project)

Corinne Connon, 1993 — Instabilities of Monodisperse Droplet Streams under High Ambient Pressure (now Corinne Lengsfeld)

Jin Dang, 2012 — Emission Measurement for Cook Stoves

Brain Davies, 1992 — Computer Control of an IC Engine

Ramon Dimalanta, 1994 — Vaporization of Waste Oil Sludge (project)

Ferran Marti Duran, 2012 — Droplet Evaporation in Turbulent Flows

David Escofet-Martin, 2012 — 2D OH Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence PLIF

John Garman, 1993 — The Dependence of NO2 Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing Signals on Buffer Gas Pressure

Marcos Gonzalez, 2000 — Prospects for an Electrohydrodynamic Spray Burner

Andrew Gray, 1992 — Optical Sizing of Tobacco Smoke by Laser Light Scattering and Extinction

Markus Grueneis, 2002 — Cryogenic Heat Transfer Correlation for an Isogrid Panel

Hsieh Huang, 1990 — Numerical Solutions for Steady Flow Past Two-Dimensional Blunt Body Samplers

Ling Huang, 1991 — Focusing of Gaussian Laser Beams through a Gradient Index Lens (project)

Deanna Iobbi, 2004 — Controlling Piezoelectric Generated Droplets

Adam Jepsen, 2009 — Characterization of dynamic, surfactant-free emulsions

Armin Karimi, 2010 — Thermal Analysis of Modular Mirrors of James Webb Space Telescope

Ali Ziaee, 2013 — Emphasis on Fluid Dynamics and Digital Holography

Ryan Kuehne, 2013 — Mechanical Trap Toilet

Navid Saeidi, 2014 — High Pressure Salt Water Flow Tunnel Design and Fabrication

Sam Kwa, 2005 — ADVISOR and the RC Car (project)

Jae Lim, 2010 — Small Scale Spark Assisted HCCI Engines

Jason Luzar, 1992 — Vaporization in a Linear Droplet Stream Flame

De Ly, 2009 — Analysis of Potential for Quantum Cascade Laser Measurements of Carbon Monoxide under Realistic Combustion Conditions

Shawn Maghzi, 2009 — Design, Construction, and Testing of an Entrained Flow Reactor for Coal

Davyda McKinney, 1999 — A Droplet Stream Flame in an Acoustic Field

Jennifer Menasha, 2010 — Design and fabrication of a single channel air preheater for studying ammonium bisulfate formation in coal-fired power plants

Alireza Mirsepassi, 2009 — CFD Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Air Preheater Channel

Mako Miyasato, 1996 — Fluid Dynamics near a Self-Cleaning Sensor (project)

Court Moorefield, 1998 — Lean Engine Combustion Using Hydrogen Enhanced Gasoline Fuel (project)

Quang-Viet Nguyen, 1990 — Measurements of Droplet-Droplet Interaction and Aerodynamics

Michael Papac, 2002 — CARS and LIF Measurements of Gaseous Diffusion Flames under Electric Field Control

Joe Papac, 2004 — Combustion in a Miniature Combustion Engine

Trinh Pham, 2003 — Study of a Miniature Liquid Fuel Film Combustor

Mercedes Palencia, 2010 — Coal Combustion and Char Burnout Kinetics in an Entrained Flow Reactor

Jesse Pompa, 2006 — Performance of Miniature IC Engines

Jonathan Posner, 1998 — LDV and PIV Measurements of Indoor Air Flows in a Model Room

Matthew Rickard, 2002 — The Study of an Electrified Air-Assisted Liquid Atomizer

Melika Roshandell, 2012 — Combustion of Methane Hydrates

Nicola Sarzi-Amade, 2007 — Mixing Flows in a Converging Curved Duct

Mark Silverman, 1993 — Experimental Investigation of a Droplet Stream Flame

Ben Strayer, 1997 — Active Control Methodology Applied to a Laminar Non-Premixed Flame

Jesus A Tapia, 2012 — UV Planer Laser Induced Fluorescence 

Scott Toma, 2012 — Measurement of Dynamic Response of Teeth to Dental Lasers

Michael Tran, 2010 — Alternative fuel technologies for aircraft and spacecraft, Biomass combustion technologies

Hui-ju Tsai, 2012 —Numerical simulations of electrical properties of small diffusion flames

Kimlien Vu, 1998 — Biomedical Microbeam Characterization using Photochromic Film

Julianna Yun Wei, 2007 — Formation Temperature of Ammonium Bisulfate at Simulated Air Preheater Conditions

Fong Yang, 1998 — Acoustic Control of a Rijke Tube Burner

Yufei Zhang, 1992 — Study of Gas Phase Chemistry in CVD Diamond Deposition


Saedeh Mir —

Kasra Kakavand, – Combustion of Methane Hydrates

David Feng

Matthew Bennett, 2008

Peter Chueh, 2006

Maribel Jaquez, 2013

Kasra Kakavand, 2013

Khizar Karwa, 2013

Ryan Kelly, 2000

Alexander Kindel, 2012

Ryan Kuehne, 2012

Adrian Mulroney, 2006

Jonathan Regele, 2001

Jerry Rodriguez, 2004

Michael Tran, 2008

Tuan Trinh, 1993

Nick Welche, 2003

Navid Saeidi, 2013 — Coal Combustion and Char Burnout Modeling on an Entrained Flow Reactor


Marisela Miramontes - UC-LEADS Scholar (2015) - 3D printing of combustion

Andres Vargas - UC-LEADS Scholar (2015) - Hot wire anemometry of burner

Pedro Munoz - CAMP Summer Scholar (2015) - Hot wire fabrication

Ahmed Alharbi, Muath Askar - SAU Summer Program (2015) - Solar cookstove thermal/mechanical design

Muath Askar - SAU Summer Program (2015) - Solar cookstove thermal/mechanical design

Saad Almuhanna - SAU Summer Program (2015) — Particle image velocimetry(PIV)

Samuel Cabrera - CAMP Summer Scholar (2015) — Solar stove thermal contact resistance

Joseph Sanchez - CAMP Summer Scholar (2015) — High pressure electrolysis

Kaio Paes - Brazil Science Without Borders Scholar (2015) — Small reciprocating engine testbed instrumentation

André da Silva - Brazil Science Without Borders Scholar (2015) — Liquid film combustor

Adam Farsheed, 2015 Northwestern University internship — High pressure salt water tunnel design

Jordan Bilbault, ENSMA, 2015 — High pressure combustion flow panel design and thermal analysis

Antony Delavois, ENSMA, 2015 — High pressure/low temperature salt water flow tunnel design and thermal analysis

Gaétan Crouzy, ENSMA, 2015 — High pressure CARS calibration cell

Adrien Ruas, ENSMA, 2015 — Water-laden fuel diffusion coflow burner

Remy Petit, ENSMA, 2015 — Accurate measurement of volumetric flow from dissociating hydrates

Guillaume Eplenier, ENSMA, 2015 — Chemical kinetics calculations of flames with ions and excited species

Albert Aguilera Roman, 2015, University Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC ETSEIAT) M.S. internship — Electrical Aspects of Combustion

Yoann Haucourt, 2014, ENSMA internship — Spray rig for testing ballistic imaging holography

Antony Collé Vallejo, 2014, ENSMA internship — Surfactant effects on dissolved methane gas in water

Camille Saux, 2014, ENSMA internship — Image processing for feedback controlled flow tunnel

Pierre Lemarié, 2014, ENSMA internship — Laser spectroscopy for combustion diagnostics

Saud Alanazi, 2014, SAU internship — Desalination using hydrates

Michela Vicariotto, 2014, M.S. , Milano Polytechnic(Politecnico di Milano) — Laser ignition of methane hydrates

Valentina Ricchiuti, M.S. , Milano Polytechnic(Politecnico di Milano) — Combustion modeling using OpenFOAM

Joan Santacana Vall, 2013, University Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC ETSEIAT)

Laia, 2013, University Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC ETSEIAT)

Marco Minniti, 2012-2013, Milano Polytechnic(Politecnico di Milano), M.S. —

Arnaud Lemoine, 2013, ENSMA, M.S. — – Ballistic Holography

Clément Fillon, 2013, ENSMA, M.S. — – Water Desalination via Gas Hydrate Production

Thomas Payet-Burin, 2013, ENSMA, M.S. — – Optimizing the Optics in a Stored Energy Cookstove

Victor Viaud, 2013, ENSMA, M.S. — – Design and Development of a Tool to Assist the Teaching of Control Theory

Nils Bechmann, 2013, ENSMA, M.S. — – High Pressure Calorimeter

Quentin Bervas, 2013, ENSMA, M.S. — – Quantifying the Melting and Evaporation Rates of a Burning Methane Hydrate

Simon Deguillaume, 2013,  ENSMA, M.S. — – Aqueous Urea/SCR at Low Temperatures

Sybille Drevon,  2013, ENSMA, M.S. — – Droplet generator and Flat Flame Burner for Biofuel Evaluation

Philippe Diollot, 2012, ENSMA —Small engine combustion and emissions

Sliman Bouazzaoui, 2012, ENSMA —Small engine combustion and emissions

Tony Martinet, 2012, ENSMA —Coal combustion in an entrained flow reactor

Dorian Midou, 2012, ENSMA —Automation for pulsed dye laser scanning in combusiton diagnostics

Valentin Thomas, 2012, ENSMA —Burning methane clatherates and gel fuels

Kevin Haras, 2012, ENSMA —Particle sizing of cookstove smoke

Antoine Larignon, 2012, ENSMA —Thermal modeling of ice and hydrates for clathrate combusion

Fabien Plongeron, 2012, ENSMA —Image processing for chemiluminescense in sooting flames

Marie Vinay, 2012, ENSMA —Small engine test stand for biofuel operation

Oscar Martinez, 2012, ISAE Supaero —Droplet evaporation in turbulent flow

David Mazo, 2012, ISAE Supaero —Droplet evaporation in turbulent flow

David Escofet Martin, 2012, University Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC ETSEIAT) M.S. — Laser Induced Fluorescence Studies

Mishal Rosi Francis, 2012, Univ. of Glasgow, M.S. — Detecting electric field effects on flames using mid-IR photodiodes

Joshua L. Jacobs, Univ. of Glasgow, M.S 2012 — Quantitative chemiluminescence from small diffusion flames

Benjamin Debareix, 2011, ENSMA, M.S. — Using Open FOAM for Combustion Simulation

Jeremie Descours, 2011, ENSMA, M.S. — Computational Fluid Dynamics of Coal Combustion

Claudio Giani, 2011, Milano Polytechnic(Politecnico di Milano), M.S. — Miniature Liquid Fuel Film Combustion

Julien Glorian, ENSMA, 2011 M.S. — Parametric Studies of Electrical Fields on Flames

Luca Castronuovo, 2010 — Aluminum Nanoparticle Combustion in Air

Jonathan Arici, Polytechnic Milano — Engineering Degree student, 2007/2008 – Experiments in a Model Turbine Burner

Francesco Borgatelli, Polytechnic Milano — Engineering Degree student, 2006 – Feedback control of flames with electric fields.

John Garman – Post Doctoral Scientist, 2006-2008 — Laser Diagnostics in Combustion; Miniature Engine Combustion

Kiyotaka Yamashita, Post Doctoral Scientist, University of Tokyo, 2008 — Numerical Simulation

Yeuh-Heng (Zic) Li, 2005-2006, visiting Ph.D. student, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan — Combustion of liquid films on flat plates

Nicola Amade Sarzi, Polytechnic Milano — Engineering Degree student, 2005 – Annular film combustor (with Prof. W.A. Sirignano)

Elisangela Leal – Post Doctoral Researcher, 2003-2005 — Portable power; fuel cells (with Prof. F. Jabbari and Dr. J. Brouwer)

Amauri Leal – visiting M.S. student, Brazil, 2003-2005 — On board methanol reformer for miniature IC engines

Roberto Mattioli, Polytechnic Milano— Engineering Degree student 2006/2007 – Miniature Liquid Film Combustors with Secondary Air Injection

Andrea Favalessa, University of Padua — Engineering Degree student, 2004 – Heat recirculating burner

Simone Stanchi, Polytechnic Milano — Engineering Degree student, 2002 – Pressurized miniature film combustor (with Prof. W.A. Sirignano)

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