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Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin, Ph.D.

Research Staff

David Escofet-Martin, Ph.D. — - Laser Diagnostic for High Pressure Combustion/Instructor

Yu-Chien (Alice) Chien, - Electrical Effects on Microgravity Flames, Keck Foundation Deep Ocean Power Science

Ph.D. Students

Marco Minniti — - Femtosecond Holography in Optically Dense Sprays

Michela Vicariotto — - Water Vapor Diluted Diffusion Flames Combustion

Claudia-F. Lopez Camara — - Numerical Study of the Effects of Applied Electric Fields on Flames

Andrea Biasioli — - Relationship Between SO3 and H2SO4 in Power Plant Flue Gas

Navid Saeidi — - Substitution Kinetics in Gas Hydrates

M.S. Students

Soung Uk Kim — - EGR Emission Control in 50 cc Engine

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