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Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin, Ph.D.

Project Scientist

Yu-Chien (Alice) Chien, Ph.D. - Keck Fundation Deep Ocean Power Science Laboratory Project Scientist

Ph.D. Students

Rosa Padilla – Experimental Study using a Counterflow Burner to Investigate the Combustion of Water-Laden Fuel Mixtures in a Nonpremixed Configuration

Jin - In-field Emission Characterization for Solid-fuel Cookstoves

Ali Ziaee – 3D Digital Holographic Imaging through Highly Scattering Medium using Ultrafast Kerr Gate

Jesse - Dynamics of Chemi-Ion Driven Flows in an Applied Electric Field

David Escofet-Martin – Laser Diagnostics for High Pressure Combustion

Vinicius M. - Uncertainty Quantification in Lamniar Reacting Flows

Marco Minniti 

Navid - High Pressure Salt Water Flow Tunnel for CO2 Hydrate Formation

M.S. Students

Michael - Multiphase Transient Thermal Modeling for a Stored Energy Solar Stove

Valentina - OpenFOAM CFD Simulations of the Effects of Electric Fields on Flames

Andre - Methane Diffusion and Soubility in Water at High Pressure. Methane Hydrate Growth and Combustion.

Antonio - 4 Cycle fuel injected water cooled SI Engine Study

Anirudh Bharadwaj 

Adriana Lladó - Color-ratio thin filament pyrometry for temperature measurements in methane/air counterflow flames

Claudia-F. Lopez - Numerical Study of the Effects of Applied Electric Fields on Flames

Visiting Researchers/Scholars

Andrea - Carbon Dioxide and Methane: Solubility and Diffusion in Water, Hydrates Growth and Burning

Jaume Felip Escola 

Filippo Colagrande


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