Rosa Padilla

Graduate Student Researcher




Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering - University of California, Irvine - In Progress
Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering - California State University, Los Angeles - 2008
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering - University of California, Davis - 2008

Honors and Awards:

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LS-AMP/CAMP), Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship


University of California, Irvine, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor, Dr. Dunn-RankinSeptember 2010-Present
Construction of a counterflow burner to study the combustion of water- laden fuel mixtures in a nonpremixed configuration.

Project Title: Model Construction of an Inverse Heat Conduction Problem in Laser Treatment Applications in the Skin
California State University of Los Angeles, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor, Dr. Arturo Pacheco Vega September 2008-June 2010

Currently investigating the behavior of cryogenic cooling spray application prior to laser radiation on the surface of the skin. The aim of my project is to determine what is occurring on the epidermis when cryogenic cooling spray comes into contact with the skin. An inverse heat conduction problem will be solved and computational modeling using software package COMSOL will be used to obtain the boundary conditions, temperature and heat loss removal.

Project Title: Occupational Biomechanics for the Development of an Ergonomic Trashbin
University of California Davis, Department of Biological Systems Engineering
Professor, Dr. Fadi Fathallah September 2007-June 2008

Developed the concept of an ergonomic rotating trash bin container for the UC Davis Hospital. The new trash bin container reduced injuries in janitorial staff caused by repetitive overhead lifting of trash bags. Developed the concept, design, and conducted test trials on subjects using a lumbar motion monitor for back flexion and electrogoniometer for shoulder flexion.

Project Title: Fruit Firmness Measurement and Alternaria Mold Detection by Biosensor
University of California Davis, Department of Biological Systems Engineering
Professor, Dr. David Slaughter June 2008-September 2008

Investigation of the optimum harvest day of pears and sensitivity of an Alternaria Stix biosensor. Performed firmness tests, including puncture, compression, and hardness on harvested pears for data analysis. Detection of Alternaria mold in tomato juice was determined by a biosensor, Alternaria Stix. The effectiveness of the biosensor was evaluated by analyzing the sensitivity and consistency of the results that provide confidence to use the biosensor in commercial applications.

Project Title: Lipid Behavior in Cell Membranes
University of California Davis, Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science
Professor, Dr. Tonya Kuhl and Suzanne Balko September 2007-December 2007
Researched cell membranes, specifically to study how lipids affect interactions with proteins or exterior agents. Experiments modeling lipid membranes using a Langmuir-Blodget trough were used to compress lipid monolayers. Fluorescence microscopy was then used to image the size and shape of the monolayer.

Teaching Experience
Fluids Laboratory ME 303, Graduate Teaching Assistant
California State University, Los Angeles 1/09-3/09
Prepared laboratory experiments, pre-ran experiments, demonstrated experimental techniques and assisted 20+ undergraduate students in laboratory routines.

MATLAB, COMSOL, GAMBIT and FLUENT, Autodesk Inventor, Mathcad, LaTeX

Conference Paper and Conference Journal Publication

"Development of an ergonomic trash bin Container for Hospitals janitorial staff"
Presentation and publication was presented at the 52nd Annual Human Factors and Ergonomic Society in New York. Designed and developed a new concept on a rotating trash bin container that will reduce the risk of back injuries, by reducing overhead lifting and shoulder flexion for the Sacramento UC Davis Medical Hospital.

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